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1 Round 1 $1.50
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3 Round 3 $4.00
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4 Round 4 $5.00
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Gaming Platform and Blockchain

Xenio P2P Network

Xenio runs on a dedicated peer-to-peer network that powers more than just our Xenio blockchain. Real-time video streaming, chat, and other P2P features such as distributed encrypted storage are being built to support the Xenio gaming system.
Client overview

Xenio Blockchain

The Xenio blockchain is optimized for gaming, and has been designed with powerful smart contract-based features to allow game publishers and server operators to provide gamers with the highest possible quality gaming experience. The blockchain runs on top of the global Xenio P2P network, and features our own Proof-of-Networking consensus protocol.
Features of xenio blockchain

(PON) Consensus Protocol

Based on the concepts of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority, our proprietary consensus protocol rewards network peers for providing verifiable services to other peers.
Stable inflation formula

Smart Contracts & Tokenization Framework

The powerful Xenio blockchain extends the distributed computing and smart contract concepts first described in the Ethereum white paper, enabling on-chain tokenization of in-game assets.
Game economy & Fundraising

The Xenio Client

The Xenio client ties all the underlying technology together in a single interface. It connects the P2P network’s communication layer with the PoN blockchain’s data storage facility, the friends list and community links, the integrated chat and streaming video capabilities, the game asset marketplace, and more.
Client overview


The Roadmap will be updated when the latest on-going tasks are completed
Testnet activated
Development P2P testnet activated, multiple node connectivity tested Complete
Client PoC test
Windows client proof of concept tested. Basic interface design started. Complete
Client communication
Client P2P communication tested. Multiple nodes are now distributing testnet blockchain successfully. Complete
P2P chat
P2P chat tested. Multiple nodes connecting using unique node IDs created in-wallet. Complete
First consensus block using Proof-of-Stake on client wallet. Staking formula tested. Complete
Xenio Coin transaction
On-chain Xenio Coin transaction tests completed on testnet. Complete
Proof-of-Networking protocol development and functionality testing Complete
Genesis block on mainnet
Main blockchain genesis block is laid down Complete
Beta client interface preview
Private preview Beta for client windows with wallet and limited features. Complete
Github Public

Xenio github is made public, so any third party can contribute to the project. Complete

The Xenio Team

Imed BoudaliFounder / CTO Facebook Founder and CEO of Veserus and BluMed, CTO of KINGTX, co-founder of the NVO.IO project. Software developer for the past 12 years. Industrial Engineering consultant for critical civil infrastructure projects.
Nikolaos AndriopoulosLead Blockchain Developer Linkedin 10 years of experience in software engineering, with deep knowledge in VoIP systems, database architechture, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Ricky DaviesLead Client Developer Twitter Over 15 years of experience with web and desktop development for various industries. Has a passion for client/server applications and third party integrations.
Alexander AlexandrovMarketing Manager Linkedin CEO of the first and largest altcoin payment processor and wallet solution in the world, Coinpayments. Board member of Blockchain Society Canada. Cryptocurrency educator and a public speaker for the last 2 years.
Ben DanielManagement Consultant & Advisor Facebook Specialist in Information Technology and project management for 17 years. Management consultant for rapid incubation technology-centered startups.
Boudali MiloudManagement Consultant & Advisor Linkedin Over 20 years of experience in the oil industry, worked as field engineer for Schlumberger. Head of public lights company for the capital city of Algeria, general manager for a national lighting company. Manager for a joint-venture company KingTX.


Robert Galarza Co-founder of Union Ventures Inc., a software company specializing in revolutionary enterprise technology. Over 10 years of experience in advertising and mass media communications, as well as 4 years in digital technologies and 7 years as an entertainment attorney. Extensive relationships managing entertainment professionals and athletes and in the production of original content. Experience in technology includes the development of a twitter based video platform and a multi-channel network for combat sports.
Tommy Stephenson Founder and CEO of Heated Details, Inc, a 19 year Seattle based award winning design & development agency delivering services to fortune 500 companies. Founder and CEO of Sports Gamet Fantasy Sports, a revolutionary sports / eSports fantasy and wagering platform.
Sina Mirzaie Bitcoin early adopter investor and crypto miner. Co-founder and Business Development Manager of Coinpayments Inc. 10 years of experience in sales and development. A crypto-currency enthusiast and public speaker. Board member of Blockchain Innovation Society.
Matthew Scott Experienced entrepreneur who builds high energy, fun environments for growth-oriented companies. CTO at Oomba Inc, eSports, Social Networking and Live Broadcasting. Founder & CEO of Little Orbit and Upper Strata. Co-founder of PepperHQ, loyalty solutions and mobile payment provider. Founder & CEO of Game Machine Studios, comprised of leading developers for well known gaming platforms.
Joby Weeks A pioneer in the bitcoin space operating one of the largest crypto mining operations in the World BitClub. 20 years of being in the Affiliate, Network Marketing industry, recruiting and building affiliate marketing networks. Public Speaker and Bitcoin evangelist