Gaming Dedicated Blockchain

You can finally build scalable blockchain applications for gaming

Optimized for Gaming

Network consensus speed, mining algorithms, and smart contract syntax are optimized for gaming

Smart Contracts

Create new decentralized applications, utilities & markets with smart contracts

Unlimited Scalability

High-speed open network dedicated to gaming

Cost Effective

Pay less on scaling, growing users and gaming servers.
Proof-of-Networking (PON) Consensus Protocol
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Mine Xenio Coins

Do you run a game server with active players? You can use it to mine XNO
PON protocol
Reward game servers for hosting games
To xenio smart contract to mine
Servers with more XNO staked earn more

Utility of XNO Coins

Create new markets for $100 billion gaming market with 2 billion active gamers.
  • Mining
  • Tiered Mining Structure
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Decentralized Markets & Tokenized Assets
XNO is used as fuel to run the required mining smart contract. With XNO game servers can earn rewards.
Similar to the Dash masternodes reward structure, game servers are rewarded proportionally to the amount of XNO they have staked to that server using Proof-of-Networking. Competing miners can buy and stake more XNO to stay competitive.
Anyone can create their own advanced applications without daemons, running completely within smart contracts with the benefit of lowering cost of providing games. Xenio isn't a generic blockchain, this means the Xenio ecosystem is not polluted by non-gaming data or any of the other generic-utility utilities allowing for a high-speed global network.

One example of a decentralized app is the open source xenio gaming desktop client which uses smart contracts and require XNO for game listing, servers listing to mine coins and games purchasing. The prototype client is only a small example showing what's possible on the Xenio blockchain. The power of decentralization means no one or company owns
Tokenized assets allow any companies to create new decentralized markets for their games . It's comparable to a corporation doing a public offering but instead of issuing regulated securities it's any gaming data or asset tradable or bid-able in a decentralized market without it having to be an issued security. It's now possible to create new models for gaming businesses not possible with traditional systems.

Shifting Industry

Public blockchains are fast paced innovative landscapes because they are open access making it possible for developers to monetize almost any game asset, offsetting development costs and creating new revenue models.
Create new trends
Cryptokitties. Create applications forblockchain gaming that have yet to exist.
Fund yourself
Create crowdsales or early sustainable revenue models to fund your project.
New opportunities
Collaborate with developers to create new opportunities for everyone.
Development support
The Xenio community is gearheadedinto blockchain development for games.
Gamers outreach
Access to more gamers interested in trying out games.
Solve costly problems
With PON as the first step, costly problems finally have a solution.

Xenio Team

Our philosophy revolves around decentralization and applying a specific direction to blockchains making them useful creating solutions to industry problems.