About us

The Xenio project was formed in 2017 by a group of geopolitically distributed team members. We are committed to the concept of decentralization and distributed technology, and the project is structured with that goal of decentralization in mind. There is no Xenio “company” that owns the project code, and the structure of the team allows for direct community involvement through code review and pull requests of the open source codebase.
Shifting the Industry
For decades, legacy video game distribution platforms have struggled to find the balance between the appetites of gamers and the revenue needs of game publishers, while server operators are stuck in the middle. The direction of the gaming industry is changing, and we’re leading that change.
Distributed Gaming
The Xenio project, at its heart, revolves around an entirely new concept of distributed gaming. The software is open-sourced, and the platform is open-access, meaning anyone can join and participate. Our development philosophy is centered on the concept of decentralization.
P2P Economy
Xenio’s value proposition is simple. We have cut out the middleman of legacy gaming stores by decentralizing the distribution platform, and we have enabled direct-to-market monetization of in-game assets on our distributed marketplace made possible through our dedicated blockchain’s utility coin.
The Future
The technology powering the Xenio system isn’t limited just to gaming. The projected global node distribution of the Xenio system combined with the Proof of Networking model can be expanded to support additional decentralized architectures in the future. This is just the beginning.

Logos & resources

These are official XENIO graphical resources that you can include on your webpage, in your mobile application, or in printed material.
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