Quick help

How do I buy Xenio Coins?
For information related to our coin crowdsale, please register for an account or sign in to your existing account's dashboard.
Are Xenio Coins a security?
No. Our Xenio Coins are being offered for their utility in the Xenio platform. Please refer to our Howey test worksheet.
Will the price of coins go up?
The crowdsale prices are tiered as an incentive for early adoptors, but once the crowdsale is complete, the free market will decide the price of the coins. We make no promise of any return, and we have no control over the price after the crowdsale is complete.
Where can I see the Xenio client in action?
The most recent version of the client is available on the client download page. Once installed, the client has an automatic update feature that will ensure your copy is always up to date.
Can I buy or sell coins after the crowdsale is complete ?
Xenio Coins are tradeable just like any other cryptocurrency - check with your favorite exchange for trading instructions. If your preferred exchange does not support Xenio Coins, ask them to list it! A list of exchanges that support the Xenio Coin will be published after the crowdsale is complete.
How do I receive my Xenio coins at the end of the crowdsale ?
Your coins will be automatically deposited into the Xenio Coin address you specify at the top of the crowdsale dashboard. To set your address, you will need to download the Xenio client from https://xenio.io/download.php and install it on your computer. The client includes a built-in Xenio Coin wallet. Opening the wallet for the first time will generate a new Xenio Coin address. Follow the instructions within the wallet to create an address, then copy your new address from the wallet. Return to the Xenio.io dashboard, click the Settings button, then scroll down to the "XNO Address" field. Paste your Xenio Coin address into the field, and click SAVE. The your Xenio address will be assigned to your crowdsale account, and the system will automatically deposit your Xenio Coins into that address after the close of the crowdsale.
How do I pay for my XNO purchase ?
After logging into the Xenio dashboard, select your method of payment from the choices listed. Find your personalized escrow address in the field below your selection. Copy your escrow address and paste it into your preferred cryptocurrency wallet. After sending your payment to your escrow address, it may take up to 24 hours for your balance to be updated on the Xenio dashboard, depending on the coin you use and the number of required confirmations for that coin. You may see a list of all confirmed transactions at our API tracking page (This page is updated every few minutes.)
How many coins will be distributed ?
70 million coins were created in the genesis block. 60 millions will be offered in the crowdsale. 10 million will be reserved for staff incentives to be paid out to developers and other team members over the next several years.
I had to reinstall the Xenio client, and the wallet address isn't the same as the one I saved in the crowdsale dashboard. Are my coins lost ?
When you installed the client the first time, a recovery phrase was generated and displayed with instructions to keep that in a safe place. Check your safe place for the recovery key, and follow the instructions in the client to recover your previous wallet. If you need further help, contact us using the official channels listed at Xenio.io