The Xenio client

The Xenio client is the unified application to the multi-faceted back end subsystems of the Xenio platform. Within the single interface, players can buy games, buy and sell marketplace-enabled game assets, chat with text or using real time video with end-to-end encryption, view a live stream of a friend’s game or stream video of their own games to the public, and of course, launch and play licensed games directly from the integrated game library. The modular, open source architecture of the Xenio system makes direct, community-led development possible, and new features can be added as the platform grows.

Game Server Extension

A second client, written especially for game server operators, extends the basic client functionality with server management options, game token creation and management functions, marketplace storefront management, and the ability to create a masternode for participation in the PoN reward system. Anyone can run a custom game server for their preferred games, expanding the network and providing assured access for gamers on a global level.

Multiplatform Codebase

The Xenio client code is being developed from the ground up for use on multiple platforms using a shared GNU-licensed code base. It is designed with versatility and portability inmind, and is written in .NET, with Cocoa, Mono, and Xamarin, using the well-supported Nethereum libraries. Windows and Mac clients will be supported immediately, with a Linux client, Android, and iOS light clients planned for future releases. The open source nature of Xenio exposes the Xenio client methods to the whole of the .NET community, allowing developers to create specialized Xenio system interfaces in their own applications.
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